Waddlers (1 yr – 2yrs)


At this age, the child’s gross and fine manipulative skills are being refined and staff encourage plenty of floor activities, which strengthen muscles and develop hand eye co-ordination. The Waddler’s freedom of movement motivates them to develop physically and emotionally.

Play & Activities

The Waddlers are encouraged to move about freely interacting with their peers and carer in a safe and stimulating environment. Staff facilitate his/her learning by encouraging child led ‘heuristic’ play. The Waddler is discovering that they are becoming more independent and mobile as they experience objects made from a variety of colours and textures, which satisfy their curiosity. At this stage Waddlers play along side each other without playing together as they are not yet ready to share toys. At Kidorama we are aware of this and provide a variety of same or similar toys. Waddlers engage in daily activities such as pretend play(dress-up, home corner) story time, outdoor play and creative play (playdough, arts and crafts). Waddlers will also commence basic education incorporated into play e.g.letters, numbers, shapes, colours etc


Waddlers will have scheduled meal and break times as well as a supervised naptime during the day.

Additional Services

Nappies and cotton wool are included. Quarterly developmental review and plan for each child.