Toddlers (2yrs - 3yrs)


At this stage, the children are gaining confidence in their physical abilities. Independence, Cognitive, Social & Language skill development are key for Toddlers.

Play & Activities

Children are starting to notice and play with other children engaging in social activities such as imaginative and creative play. There is a variety of equipment and activities available to encourage the child’s cognitive skills. Activities such as Lego and jigsaws will help improve a child’s concentration and memory skills. Toddlers will engage in a variety of activities during the day such as, story time, sing-songs, sand and water play, pretend play (dress-up, drama), construction play (blocks, tools) and outdoor play on our child friendly surface or gardening area. Toddlers will further develop their basic education e.g. counting, alphabet, topic of the day etc


Toddlers will follow a curriculum plan and have scheduled meal and break times as well as a rest period during the day. Toilet training can be easily and successfully incorporated when required.

Additional Services

Quarterly developmental review and plan for each child.