Before / After School Care (4yrs – 12yrs)

At Kidorama we are aware of parents busy schedules therefore we provide both before and after school drop of/collections from schools in the area.

Before School Programme

The aim of the pre-school programme is to provide children with a relaxed atmosphere and a nutritious breakfast before they set off for school. We also drop your child off at school at the appropriate time.

After School Programme

Children are collected from schools in the area and provided with a hot nutritious meal on arrival at Kidorama. A qualified staff member will supervise children’s homework and provide additional support if required. Children of this age are confident and play well with other children. They enjoy using language to socialise with their peers to express their needs. Physical play plays a big part in social development as they engage in games and sporting activities. These games are organised by qualified staff children are required to play by the rules, which enables equal participation and fun.

Holiday Cover Programme

We provide In-service, Easter and Summer care which incorporate a stimulating and fun agenda along with healthy meals and snacks.


Children can partake in an organised program of a wide variety of activities and sports. These can include arts and crafts, music and drama, indoor and outdoor games etc.