Activities @ Kidorama

At Kidorama the children experience a wide variety of activities during the day, these activities are fun and enriching which allow the children to express themselves and learn about the world around them. Some of the activities we provide are:

  • Water play
  • Painting
  • Block play
  • Circle time
  • Planting and growing
  • Baking

Water Play

Although you may see a child “messing” with the water we see the children learning

  • Some things sink and some things float
  • water takes different forms in different containers
  • Water can have different temperatures
  • About wet, dry and evaporation
  • What happens when you add soap
  • Eye-hand coordination as they learn to pour
  • Concepts of empty and full, which is relevant to maths.

Block Play

Playing with blocks of different sizes teaches the children

  • Geometry- shapes like triangles, rectangles, cylinders.
  • Maths- unit blocks are especially measured so that the children are learning about fractions, measurement and more.
  • Physics- when a child build’s towers and bridges, they are learning about things like balance and weight.

Circle Time

When a child participates in circle time they are learning

  • To listen, sit still and understand spoken language
  • To add ideas to the discussion as each child’s ideas have value
  • To wait when others are talking
  • New vocabulary connected with the topic of discussion
  • To remember new words, songs and poems
  • The names of others in their group
  • And to cooperate and be considerate of the needs of others